Welcome to Rutgers SHE

Rutgers SHE is the Rutgers University student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE), originally created in 1984.
Our motto, "Recruit, Retain, and Graduate" is our primary focus.
We seek to foster both academic and professional education to further individuals of any denomination in all fields of study.

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Publicity Committee

The Society of Hispanic Engineers (SHE) is an engaging organization that develops leaders of tomorrow with a myriad of events.

With events ranging from National Conferences to the Bed Races to the Multicultural Festival to the Date Auction to workshops and to (the list goes on and on), the Publicity Committee is there to raise awareness of the organization, its events and values.

Collaborate with other students to develop effective strategies in regards to publicizing. Take part in projects lead by not only the Chair, but also by committee members. Develop communication and time management skills. Engage in workshops to enhance or learn desired skill sets.

Here's your chance to get more involved in SHE.

I'll leave you with this. It's a new year. It's a new semester. Grab it by the horns!

Publicity Committee
Irving Rivas
Edgard Jimenez
Michael Calle
Jaclyn Lazo
Ammaar Ahmed
Janina Pirela
Muhsin Zubairi
Gibran Garcia

Committee Chair:
Michael A Gomez (Publicity Chair)
Industrial and Systems Engineering
(732) 900-7862